Ravindra Prasad has written an article on employee happiness on rediff.
In my opinion “Plan your week on Sunday night or Monday morning” is the most important in this list. It is surely more than mundane “to do list”.

Those who are aware of Coveys most popular work “7 habits of highly effective people“, will recognize that weekly planning is much more than effective time management.

Week is the basic planning block for realizing your long term goals which stems from personal mission statement. A motivating mission statement ,is the one which runs as a central thread in all decision making and planning. Preparing smart goals that reflect mission statement is the first step in good and effective time management. Now breaking down these goals in small chunks of weekly target is just a matter of working with details.

Personal mission statement and weekly planning complements each-other and sure way to lead purpose driven and satisfying life. This is applicable to personal as well as work-life.
No doubt that “7 Habits” has become a one of the most important work of our lives.

In my humble opinion introducing 7 habits at work-place in teams and with individuals is one concrete step towards happy employees.