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Unanticipated Consequence of Productivity tools !

PCMag has interesting article on productivity.  Opening of the article has interesting comment.

Has anyone noticed that the computer revolution has turned its focus from improving productivity to wasting time on trivia?

Isn’t it what is termed as unanticipated consequences ? .

For instance :

  • Email’s were suppose to save our time. It consumes so much time, that Intel had toyed up with  no email days .  French firm Atos  has even extreme stance of “Zero email” .
  • Message overloads from desktop notifier, email, smart phones is triggering attention deficit trait.
  • Some time back , IIT’s had instituted restrictions on internet uses as they found that it hampers the student performance.

As Tablets , i-pad are scheduled to enter classrooms, they will support teaching and learning ,but also will have different kind of challenges for teaching fraternity.  So if you have encountered any of them so far, do post in comments….

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