I delivered my CC#9 after a long time in InSteel Toastmasters club, Jamshedpur

And Voila – it was club level best speech

I too, enjoyed the speech writing and delivery. 

Purely a labor of love! 

It’s quiet a while that I haven’t yet posted on the blog. 

I certainly worked hard on this speech, applied Manroe’s persuasive formula, practiced lot and I could see that it had impact on audience whatever was expected. 

So here are the details of the speech in Google Document. 

Please feel free to use the format and revert in case of any clarifications. 

Check Below Hyperlink for All Speech Details. It has everything structure, logic, references etc.

CC#9 – Santosh Toastmaster Speech 

Speech Delivered: Sept-2016

Speech Title: Wanna Fun, List Your Life! 


  1. Persuade listener to adopt your point of viewpoint or ideas to take some action.
  2. Appeal to Audience interest
  3. Use logic and emotion to support your position
  4. Avoid using notes

I will post CC#10 soon. 

There too I practiced lot, but it was fiasco!