This is my third speech on the journey of Toastmasters . I gave this speech on 24-Dec-2009, taken almost two months since my Second speech. I took more time as I want to put this habit in practice and then preach about it. It proved fruitful , speech made a good impact earning me first in house “best speaker” recognition !

Toastmaster’s third prepared speech project is “Get to the point“. Objectives of this project are –
  • Selecting speech topic with its general and specific purpose.
  • Organize speech so as to achieve its best purpose.
  • Ensure beginning ,body and conclusion reinforce the purpose.
This time too , I prepared speech just little above 5 minutes , so as to finish within 6 minutes.

Google and web resources helped me lot to gather the content for this speech , mainly Steve Pavlina , Zen habits blog.

Here is the draft of the speech.

A One Habit to Change Your Life.

How do you start your day ? Snooze alarm and go back to sleep ? or Jump out of bed and rush to catch overcrowded train ? If people are meant to pop out of bed , they would be sleeping in toaster , but we don’t . we sleep on bed .isn’t it ? Fellow Toastmasters , if this is the way you start your day , this speech is for you. In general this is to pursue you and specific purpose is to encourage you to wake up bit early. So lets see some of the benefits of early rising.

If you are rushing , jumping and popping out of bed , you are triggering your day with stress. Stress doesn’t go away . It builds through out the day . Stress is root cause of many modern day diseases like blood pressure, stroke including killer heart attack. You name a life-style disease ,stress will be related to it. Further stress drops your capacity to work. So the 8 hour work will take more time 10 hours , 12 hours , again you will work late ,go home late , sleep late and wake up late. So vicious cycle continues. Break the cycle ,just by waking up 10 minutes early. Just 10 minutes . There is one more health benefit. You will actually find the time for breakfast – first and most important meal of the day. It will not be quick and rush meal. In fact relaxed breakfast will balance your lunch and dinner too.

Other than healthy life, early rising has other benefits too – like easy commute . you can go to office bit early, and avoid morning rush hour. You will get a place to sit ,at least to stand properly. You can use this time for listening or reading something of your choice. Reaching office early ,before heavy work flow starts – helps to schedule priorities . You can focus on goals on daily basis. See how many times we crib about not having time for friend,family or helping fellow toastmaster ? or nurturing for our own hobby ? For example – I used to squeeze 45 minutes to one hour on my commute .I used to reach office early almost by one hour . And spend this time on study. It helped me to complete my MBA with good grades without any impact on office work. You too can work on your goals. Your boss ,colleagues and friends will be surprised with your productivity. That helps in advancing job and hobbies – and ultimately increased earning too ! so wake up early and get wealthy too.

Last but not least ,there are other benefits. Other than just being healthy and wealthy. You can witness the glory of nature in the morning hours. Have you ever seen how blackness of night fades out and blueness of sky creeps in ? Have you seen the brilliant changing colors of sky ? how about those warm rays wrapping around mount Fuji ? Early morning people are not rushing , cars are not polluting . visit some nearby garden or Koen to see the magic of nature in morning hours. This is the most serene ,calm and poise time of the day. No wonder that artists, mystics and saints thinks this is the best time for contemplation and mediation. The Experience is beyond the words. It is more than intelligence or genius. It is called wisdom, wisdom of life.

That is what Benjamin Franklin said – early to bed and early to rise ,makes man healthy ,wealthy and wise. Toastmasters it is new year time , time to make new resolutions .So make a resolution to wake up early and be healthy ,wealthy and wise.