About My Research Journey!

  As a doctoral scholar at XLRI, one of India’s leading business schools (leading to degree FPM), I started my research journey. During the period, I worked full time and as a visiting faculty too.  During my coursework, I explored “Workplace Spirituality” and “Organizational Culture.” Later stage worked on “Calling and Karma Yoga” during a… Continue reading About My Research Journey!

Ten Things that I learned from “Surely, You’re Joking Mr. Feynman”

  (Image Source: Amazon) I read this book. It is a “book-of-the-month” in my book club.  First I wonder, why haven’t I read this book before! I was aware of the book and have even seen it multiple times when someone was reading it. As of this writing, the book is rated 4.25, with 171,849… Continue reading Ten Things that I learned from “Surely, You’re Joking Mr. Feynman”

How to Write a Lot !

5 minute read – Book Review of “How to Write a Lot” [Image Source : https://www.amazon.in/How-Write-Lot-Practical-Productive-ebook/dp/B001Y35G60 ] In general writing productivity and particular academic productivity boils down to simply how much one can write & publish. The book “Write a Lot” by Paul Silvia addresses this issue and gives practical solutions. Book is prescriptive and is a… Continue reading How to Write a Lot !

On being a teacher …

I attended  Gurucharan Das’s  “India grows at night” book release function by BDB Book club. I liked his style and picked up his “Difficulty of being good” for reading. It is lucid and brilliantly written book. It uses Mahabharat – its characters, and the various dilemma they face in dealing with the ethical questions. Most… Continue reading On being a teacher …