Summary Writing: Important Skill.

Imagine. You completed a three-month internship or project in a company. And you have to present your work to the company founder. But he has just 10 minutes. And they asked you to send a two-page executive summary of the project.  How will you present your three months of work in 10 minutes?  And how will you… Continue reading Summary Writing: Important Skill.

Marking in the book: To do or not do?

(Annotated Text: Image Source: WikiMedia) (   “Eeeeeee!” screamed my sister at the top pitch.  She looked with disgust as if a giant cockroach was sitting on the book.  Agree; my handwriting resembles a cockroach walk, but I wasn’t writing; I was marking the book!  And my sister never marked in the book.  Her books… Continue reading Marking in the book: To do or not do?