About My Research Journey!

  As a doctoral scholar at XLRI, one of India’s leading business schools (leading to degree FPM), I started my research journey. During the period, I worked full time and as a visiting faculty too.  During my coursework, I explored “Workplace Spirituality” and “Organizational Culture.” Later stage worked on “Calling and Karma Yoga” during a… Continue reading About My Research Journey!

Reader Spotlight – Reflecting on the reading journey!

I joined Aniket’s reading program “The Reading Habits“ In its simplest form it is GRP – guided reading program.  I was curious to know, how he runs it & hence joined it.  And over the period of last few months read really sizable number of books with him.  B J Fogg’s Tiny Habits, David Allen’s… Continue reading Reader Spotlight – Reflecting on the reading journey!

Reviving the blog –

I started this blog  on 29-Sept-2008, but it  is  dormant since my last post on 9-Sept-2013. I was in Tokyo in 2008, and was considering career switch from Oracle Database Administrator to “something else”. That “something else” was not very clear.  I was courting “HR” in various ways. Hence I titled this blog as “HR-Universe”. I blogged with… Continue reading Reviving the blog –

“7 Habits” : A Management Guru Stephen Covey – passed away.

Stephen Covey , The author of the best seller “7 Habits of highly effective people” passed away. I hooked to  this book ,when I just passed out of engineering college. Since then I kept visiting this book , as well as the workbook and his website often. In my opinion if one is allowed to… Continue reading “7 Habits” : A Management Guru Stephen Covey – passed away.

Begining …

Once Upon a time …. No stories here . Just plain my thoughts !!. I am currently located in Tokyo ,and finding ways to “do different” or/and “find outlet for my inner voice”. This blog is attempt towards that. I find people & all sorts questions about them very interesting.This is true for Individuals and… Continue reading Begining …