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Reviving the blog –

I started this blog  on 29-Sept-2008, but it  is  dormant since my last post on 9-Sept-2013.

I was in Tokyo in 2008, and was considering career switch from Oracle Database Administrator to “something else”. That “something else” was not very clear.  I was courting “HR” in various ways. Hence I titled this blog as “HR-Universe”.

I blogged with more or less enthusiasm. Postings were sporadic.  Possibly due to “transition phase”, plus I wasn’t having much content to write that will fit for heading “HR-universe”.

Later I could get admission to the executive FPM (It trains one to do research and qualifies  for entry position in higher education) at XLRI – India’s  best known b-school.  It was like dream come true moment in 2009.

I developed keen interest in the organization behavior during my coursework – the way people behave in workplace, in groups/teams, as leaders, and in organizations. I fully enjoyed this journey.

Mean-while I returned to India in 2011 after deadly tsunami. I wasn’t directly affected by tsunami at all, but it triggered “back-to-home” decision.

After settling back, I started hunting for academic job and could find a position at IBS Business school, Pune.  Selection was through demo lecture, followed by couple of interviews. In demo lecture I spoke on “Job Crafting“, pretty new area at that time.

Over roughly last three and half years, I  taught organization behavior and human resource management at IBS. My hands-on experience in writing business plans at JMEC, helped me to work on developing entrepreneurship cell and facilitate entrepreneurship as elective course.  But more than “teaching” I was “learning” as a teacher, and as  OB student.

I learned mostly from students. IBS students always surprised me. They stretched my abilities as “faculty”.  Their behavior, abilities pushed me to challenge some of assumptions about learning/teaching. I also learned from other faculties, from IBS as Institute, from its well proven, fine tuned  processes and culture.

I experienced “OB” and “HR” theories in practice at IBS!

Reflecting on these experience may help in learning!

I intend to write some of my experiences as a career switch to academia, as a doctoral student in OB area at XLRI, and as a faculty at IBS. It is more of my reflection on my learning journey. Stay tuned.

Do write in comments for your suggestions/feedback.  

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