Personal Branding : Some useful resources

Personal branding is when you take charge of your career.   It gels well with protean careers or boundary less careers. You want to take charge of your career.  Your commitment to career progress takes primacy than your commitment to the Organization.  Personal branding helps in standing out of the crowed. It helps individuals in showing… Continue reading Personal Branding : Some useful resources

How to sale yourself ?

The following speech I made for my toastmasters project-7.  Project was targeted at research skills and using the relevant data to drive , convince audience about your point of view. Objectives of Project as mentioned in the toastmasters manual are : Collect information about your topic from numerous sources. Carefully support your points and opinions… Continue reading How to sale yourself ?

Unanticipated Consequence of Productivity tools !

PCMag has interesting article on productivity.  Opening of the article has interesting comment. Has anyone noticed that the computer revolution has turned its focus from improving productivity to wasting time on trivia? Isn’t it what is termed as unanticipated consequences ? . For instance : Email’s were suppose to save our time. It consumes so… Continue reading Unanticipated Consequence of Productivity tools !