How to sale yourself ?

The following speech I made for my toastmasters project-7.  Project was targeted at research skills and using the relevant data to drive , convince audience about your point of view. Objectives of Project as mentioned in the toastmasters manual are : Collect information about your topic from numerous sources. Carefully support your points and opinions… Continue reading How to sale yourself ?

Toastmaster Speech 1 : The Ice Breaker

Thus my journey of developing speaking skills started . Though I used to participate in speech contests in school , I have never done it over long period . I wish to conquer speaking fear as well as acquire public speaking skills , which will help me in all walks of life. Toastmasters prepared speech… Continue reading Toastmaster Speech 1 : The Ice Breaker

Smile and Move – A excellent Presentation.

I am interested in developing presentation and speaking skills . And I keep on following some blogs/sites related to it . Further try to collect the motivating and excellent examples. Here is one more excellent presentation “Smile and Move” , I found it on “The Extreme Presentation Blog“.

Excellent Presentation – on Social Media

The subject is interesting and appealing ,but additionally the whole presentation is nicely prepared . A excellent case for making self-explanatory impressive presentations , What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later View more documents from Marta Kagan.

Words are important .

Extrememe presentation’s Dr. Andrew Abela posted a interesting video from youtube. It emphasizes again on how words are more important . Original post is here. This specially applies to the situations of business presentations, as Prof. Mehrabian’s formula ( 7% words ,38% tone of voice and 55% body language ) is not applicable to these… Continue reading Words are important .

Presenting Business Plan

As far as JMEC ( Japan Market Expansion Competition ) goes ,though team has prepared the BEST business plan , still they are far away from winning. Team still need to present it to Judges ,face the critic and satisfy their doubts. This post looks at the Presentation aspect. JMEC arranges a excellent workshop on… Continue reading Presenting Business Plan

Managerial Style & Financial Fiasco

Though theory states about different managerial styles like AUTHORITATIVE , COERCIVE ,DEMOCRATIC and so on . But fact boils down to how “managed employees” look at you as a boss. This is further high lighted by recent confession by many managers in financial industry that they were not aware that trouble was brewing . This… Continue reading Managerial Style & Financial Fiasco