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How three year old can teach you something ?

The following is the speech I made for my 6-th Project in Toastmasters .

Project was targeted at “Vocal Variety“. It wasn’t easy to come up with the topic. I toyed with different ideas and then set on following one. I wrote the speech many times, by focusing on start and end. And then ensured that it is sprinkled with “Vocal variety“.

Response , smiles, feedback and evaluation told me that I was successful at this project.


Good Evening Toastmasters. I got a new job.

It’s mission critical , demanding & 24X7 job. But involves a girl. She hugs me, kisses me on cheek & also puts a big hole in my wallet. Yes – she is 3 year old & incidentally my daughter.

I got the job of father , when she was born in Feb-2008.

As I told you this is very demanding job.

I am early morning person & she sleeps very late.

When it is about 10:30 or 11:00 at night, I start pursuing her & she has excuses.

Papa , This pajama doesn’t have Mickey mouse on it ? And no anpanman on shirt !

I grab her, Look it is 11:00, (she doesn’t understand but still looks at clock), it is dark outside & Baikiman will come. I switch off light ,& put her on bed, and it is silent…..!

but just for 5 minutes !

And she tweets Papa, Chocolate Milk ! (Common sleep time habit in Indians).

I am bit irritated . I wake up , warm a cup of milk – add Complan and give it to her.

She touches her mouth ,sips some & turns away… . No I don’t want

Now I am angry – Drink it ! ,

She sips some ,slips some .Half in , Half out. Half the dress is wet . I am boiling with anger now, & even wish to hit her .

But I breath deeply, cool myself & keep telling myself – oh it is just my little ,cute devil.

I change her dress & again put her on bed by 12:00. And pat her to sleep.

Sleepy cutie, wraps her hands around my neck, & says – papa suki desu ne. (Papa I like you). And I learn my first lesson :

Be patient ,Control your anger & you will be happy with your loved ones at the end of the day.

But a natural doubt will be in your mind. What keeps this 3 year old awake.

It is her two friends – Tom & Jerry, some-times Mickey mouse too.

She watches them intently , with 100% focus, as if she is a statute.

Only sound you will listen : Ha ,Ha , Ha ….

I call her , Aarushi , come for dinner.

She says : I want here , with Tom & Jerry.

Mumma wants to see some TV serial , Aarushi replies with big No!

Please Aarushi , NO.. ,

Please Aarushi ,Again reply is No ,

Please – and you try to switch over ,And a big cry…

So now a days – I too watch Tom-n-Jerry. Believe me I actually enjoy it.

And we both keep laughing. And I learned my second lesson:

Change your hobby as your loved ones & you will have happy moments at the end of the day.

But you know as a adult , we make people around us unhappy. I also loose my temper.

And I know there is no point in arguing with 3 year old ,she is too smart.

So I turn to my wife.

Why can’t you make her sleep by 10:30 at-least ?

And gender equality strikes back – But you can do it too !

I try to push my case – But you are Mother !.

What ! She bounces back – did I complained through out the 9 months..

Oh (sigh!) – Ultimate argument , which no man can ever win.

And I learned my third lesson:

If you want a happy life ,respect a motherhood and never argue. That’s lesson for Father.

Toastmasters – Once a girl was asked ,how old is your father. And she replied 5 year old.

Wrong ! No !! right. Person becomes a father – only when a child is born.

One has experience in a job ,only when one starts doing the job.

Toastmasters – that was bonus lesson , Thank you !

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