Spirituality and Job Satisfaction – 1

In general IT (Information Technology) industry in India is considered lucrative and IT professionals are said to earn comparatively higher salaries .Still attrition rates are very high in IT industry. As attrition (Or employee turnover) is negatively related to the job satisfaction , there are various attempts to increase Job Satisfaction to address the issue.… Continue reading Spirituality and Job Satisfaction – 1

Indian Bureacracy – HR perspective .

Today I read the news about worst south Asian bureaucracy – India. Those who area aware of Indian bureaucracy should know that majority of them come through the most grueling and difficult selection process of UPSC. Many bright and brilliant student spend years studying as this brings prestige ,salary ,power and unparalleled benefits. Many view… Continue reading Indian Bureacracy – HR perspective .

Future Success and Delayed Gratification

Here is interesting experiment ,( And funny too ) – which evaluates delayed gratification and links it with future success. I find it interesting . I wonder whether the traditional Indian wisdom of asking children to wait for everything has links with success ? More-over – it does mean that self-discipline is really important in… Continue reading Future Success and Delayed Gratification