How to Quickly Establish a New Habit!

Did your spouse snap at you for something frequently?  Every spouse does!  My spouse does, particularly when I am lazying around without shaving.   Anil Kapoor may look great in two days of unshaven stubble. And Indian politicians on the posters. But my wife expects always a clean look! Often a point of contention between us! … Continue reading How to Quickly Establish a New Habit!

Book-Club: No. 1 Awesome Way to Lead

 5 min, Quick Read   (Image Source: 1) “Read, read, & read” is Warren Buffet’s fourth rule of success.  In the same line, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Even Mark Zuckerberg are avid readers. And they all are leaders in the industry they operate.   Another leader, Indra Nooyi, wrote on Linkedin recently, “Favorite ways to… Continue reading Book-Club: No. 1 Awesome Way to Lead

How to “Make Time” for your dream project ?

We carry a dream in our hearts. We cuddle that dream occasionally in the hustle-bustle of life.  This dream may be an item on the bucket list, a trip to take, an article to publish, a book to write, or a venture to launch.  But we don’t find time for it. It gets lost on… Continue reading How to “Make Time” for your dream project ?

Karma Yoga: Book of the month (Oct 2021).

  Here is a quick background of how this title became a top contender for the October book-of-the-month.  Two members bought this book and posted covers in the WhatsApp group. It prompted a third member to send a request for this book as “book-of-the-month.” We circulated messages in the group. The announcement resulted in 26… Continue reading Karma Yoga: Book of the month (Oct 2021).

In The End, What is Success Really?

 What’s Success?   Just look at few scenarios below.   1. Ph.D./FPM/Doctorate in Indian universities takes 4+ years; some schools may take 7+ years. I have seen sizable cases with even 10+ years. And you can’t put a dollar value on the efforts of a doctorate student. Often it is labeled failed!  For example, a lady thinks it… Continue reading In The End, What is Success Really?

Stunning Presentations for book-review …

We often read books (Fiction or Non-Fiction) and stop there.  But few of us create notes.  A few more creates summaries too.  If you want to add ultimate value to your social media presence or your personal brand, prepare a presentation about the Book.  The presentation can be simply presenting summary.  The presentation can be… Continue reading Stunning Presentations for book-review …

About My Research Journey!

  As a doctoral scholar at XLRI, one of India’s leading business schools (leading to degree FPM), I started my research journey. During the period, I worked full time and as a visiting faculty too.  During my coursework, I explored “Workplace Spirituality” and “Organizational Culture.” Later stage worked on “Calling and Karma Yoga” during a… Continue reading About My Research Journey!

Summary Writing: Important Skill.

Imagine. You completed a three-month internship or project in a company. And you have to present your work to the company founder. But he has just 10 minutes. And they asked you to send a two-page executive summary of the project.  How will you present your three months of work in 10 minutes?  And how will you… Continue reading Summary Writing: Important Skill.