How people set their Salary Expectations ?

(Image Source: Wikimedia) How do people set their Salary expectations? Particularly the one who are returning to job-market after a break, returning from other country or switching careers. For instance when I returned from Japan, and was looking forward to my career shift, I asked. Many were tight-lipped. Even friends won’t share the details. And you… Continue reading How people set their Salary Expectations ?

Indian Bureacracy – HR perspective .

Today I read the news about worst south Asian bureaucracy – India. Those who area aware of Indian bureaucracy should know that majority of them come through the most grueling and difficult selection process of UPSC. Many bright and brilliant student spend years studying as this brings prestige ,salary ,power and unparalleled benefits. Many view… Continue reading Indian Bureacracy – HR perspective .

Japanese adopting western Bonus culture !

Financial times dated 1-jun says “Nomura’s 1600 staff- more than 50% of its investment arm adopted western style contracts” . This will cut basic salaries , provide higher performance bonus and it will be easier to fire them in case of downturn. Though the firm maintains that it is essential for integrating Japan and European… Continue reading Japanese adopting western Bonus culture !

Severance Pay ,

Severance pay is paid for terminating employment .This can be layoff , job elimination ,restructuring or mutual agreement. If employee agreement do not stipulate any serverance pay , there is no obligation on employer to pay. But normally employer get rid of any future claims, litigation through signed release along-with Severance Pay. Severance pay is… Continue reading Severance Pay ,

Bankruptcy and Employee Benefits

There was unimaginable fall-out in financial markets recently . Japan too was not different.Bear sterns, J.P. Morgan ,Merry Lynch , Citi-group and biggest of all Lehman !. Example of Lehman was very classic ,while employees were down with week-end hang-over they woke up with the bankruptcy news. Initially there was a ambiguity about whats gonna… Continue reading Bankruptcy and Employee Benefits

Salary and Confidentiality

As long as there is some-one in your friend-circle earning more than you , you are bound to be unhappy. Firm don’t want you to be unhappy and hence forbid you to discuss about compensation. Humor apart , but back in India I found that this is common topic around water-cooler among friends. I was… Continue reading Salary and Confidentiality