How to Quickly Establish a New Habit!

Did your spouse snap at you for something frequently?  Every spouse does!  My spouse does, particularly when I am lazying around without shaving.   Anil Kapoor may look great in two days of unshaven stubble. And Indian politicians on the posters. But my wife expects always a clean look! Often a point of contention between us! … Continue reading How to Quickly Establish a New Habit!

Influence – and GRP: Guided Reading Program

    (Book Cover Images – Source: Amazon) For a book-of-the-month, generally, we select books around 250 pages.  But this time, we have a slightly longer book.  After much deliberation, we finalized this book. “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion“.   It may take little more than a month, assuming we read for a limited time every… Continue reading Influence – and GRP: Guided Reading Program

Reviving the blog –

I started this blog  on 29-Sept-2008, but it  is  dormant since my last post on 9-Sept-2013. I was in Tokyo in 2008, and was considering career switch from Oracle Database Administrator to “something else”. That “something else” was not very clear.  I was courting “HR” in various ways. Hence I titled this blog as “HR-Universe”. I blogged with… Continue reading Reviving the blog –

How to sale yourself ?

The following speech I made for my toastmasters project-7.  Project was targeted at research skills and using the relevant data to drive , convince audience about your point of view. Objectives of Project as mentioned in the toastmasters manual are : Collect information about your topic from numerous sources. Carefully support your points and opinions… Continue reading How to sale yourself ?

How to decide whether the job is great ?

I wanted to enter academics, and that is the reason I applied for research program at XLRI. The interview committee tried to probe, why I want to switch to teaching community from a comparatively high-income career. I think my answers convinced them. But the question still keeps lingering in my mind. And often, I hit… Continue reading How to decide whether the job is great ?

Spirituality and Job Satisfaction – 1

In general IT (Information Technology) industry in India is considered lucrative and IT professionals are said to earn comparatively higher salaries .Still attrition rates are very high in IT industry. As attrition (Or employee turnover) is negatively related to the job satisfaction , there are various attempts to increase Job Satisfaction to address the issue.… Continue reading Spirituality and Job Satisfaction – 1

Free – a world where you don’t pay .

Business models where products are available for free and that too with no hidden costs is a reality. As this BBC Article talks about Chris Anderson’s book “Free: The Future of a Radical Price.” The time has reached where underlying costs are so much cheaper , that it makes sense to give it free. And… Continue reading Free – a world where you don’t pay .

Managerial Style & Financial Fiasco

Though theory states about different managerial styles like AUTHORITATIVE , COERCIVE ,DEMOCRATIC and so on . But fact boils down to how “managed employees” look at you as a boss. This is further high lighted by recent confession by many managers in financial industry that they were not aware that trouble was brewing . This… Continue reading Managerial Style & Financial Fiasco