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Influence – and GRP: Guided Reading Program



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For a book-of-the-month, generally, we select books around 250 pages. 
But this time, we have a slightly longer book. 
After much deliberation, we finalized this book. “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion“.  
It may take little more than a month, assuming we read for a limited time every day. 
And a book-of-the-month for August is also on the same topic. 50 tips for persuasion
That will help us to dive deep into the topic of Persuasion.  
This month’s book reading will be supported by GRP: “Guided Reading Program”. (GRP is a brain child of Aniket Rai.)
This post has two sections and it comments on the book as well as GRP. 
First on why you should read this book. Second on why you should join GRP. 
1] Why you should read “Influence” by Robert Cialdini
  • Book n Author both have Wikipedia page. Doesn’t it speak volume about the book ? 
  • Robert Cialdini – isn’t an everyday self-help writer. He is a Marketing and Psychology professor and taught at prestigious schools like Stanford.  
  • Book has 6 point model on persuasion and is supported by scientific evidence. 
  • Book is immensely popular among Marketing professionals and Entrepreneurs.
  • The book is a New York Times best-seller, listed as one of the 50 classics in psychology, and fortune rated it as a one of the 75 smartest business books ever written. 
  • It has sold 3 million copies and translated into more than 30 languages. 

Don’t you want to read such fantastic and valuable book? 

2] Why you should join GRP (Guided Reading Program) …  

Aniket trains people to build a daily reading habit as part of his 3-Level reading program. You can find  more details here:  Reading Habits
  • GRP: It’s proven, tested, and creates joy in the process of reading. 
  • As of now,  the program has no cost to the group members.
  • It will help you build a reading habit within 45 days, provided you stick to agenda.
  • You will meet a lot of new reader friends. 
  • How Program runs… 
    • The reader acquires a book, a new & expanded revised edition of Influence. Paperback is advisable. 
    • Daily reading portions – that will take approx. 15 to 25 min of reading. 
    • Reflective questions or small activity to think about the reading portion. 
    • The occasional group meets, time for note-taking, and allied support in developing reading habit. 
    • Portions, reflective question, and group meets are thoughtfully designed. It engages the reader with the book and helps him retain the book content over a long time. 

So don’t you want to take benefit of such a diverse, multidimensional program?

Do let’s know ASAP for the administrative and logistical reasons. 

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