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How to keep yourself energize the whole day!


(Make Time: Brief Summary)
This image is the brief graphical summary of “Make Time“.
It’s prepared by a friend and book lover, “Norm“. 
It’s a very pragmatic and helpful book, particularly in the cacophony of “Time management”. 
Book has a simple message. 
  1. Find your highlight (Priority project). 
  2. Block time for it in your daily schedule. 
  3. Then focus like a laser with your full attention on this block. 
  4. Ensure you are energized during this block period. 
That’s it. 
The book outlines 82 different tactics for laser-like focus (attention) and energizing yourself. 
All of them are useful. Some may be more relevant to your context. 
Two tips that I loved and thought of following on energizing are this…
1. #Tip 61, 62. Exercise every day, but don’t be a hero and Pound the pavement. 
2. # Tip 71 Caffeinate before you crash. 
1. Often, I used to feel guilty, when I couldn’t exercise regularly or couldn’t go for a walk. And I always used to be mesmerized with sculpted figures. And used to feel inferior too :-).  My relation with exercise is always love-n-hate. And being an introvert, plus book-lover, and on top of having desk based job made it doubly hard to imbibe any rigorous exercise routine. 
Then like a breeze came this tip. Exercise – but no need to be a hero
Around the same time, I have gone through the course “Sit Less, Get Active” on Coursera. It has a similar suggestion. Move for about 150 minutes over a week. No need to be stressed at one point. So I simply spread out my exercise or movement throughout the day. Morning little yoga, then a little 15-minute walk after breakfast, one after lunch, and then one long walk in the evening. It’s spread throughout the day. Currently at about 7000 steps, and moving towards 10,000 steps in a day. 

I no more feel stressed or guilty. And I do feel more active throughout the day! 

2. the Second tip is about Coffee.

I love Coffee! 

For me, Coffee used to be an anytime drink. 

But after reading the book, I got the strategic time for having a cup.

Now I take it after my lunch. And then no coffee after it. 

This keeps me active and energetic in post-lunch sessions (approx. from 0200 to 0600), and it no more interferes with my sleep routine.  

I embraced these two tips. 

But you can scroll through 82 tips and choose the ones that are more useful to you. 

Keep yourself energized throughout the day and laser-sharp focus on your Highlighted task! 

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