Tribute to Irrfan Khan!

 3 Minute Quick Read. [Image Source: Wikipedia ] Irrfan Khan passed away just at 53. (29 April 2020). Tributes from all over the world are pouring, and rightly so. He rocked not only Bollywood but also Hollywood flicks.  A very few Indian actors to do so.  His work is admired by likes of Tom Hanks too,… Continue reading Tribute to Irrfan Khan!

Unanticipated Consequence of Productivity tools !

PCMag has interesting article on productivity.  Opening of the article has interesting comment. Has anyone noticed that the computer revolution has turned its focus from improving productivity to wasting time on trivia? Isn’t it what is termed as unanticipated consequences ? . For instance : Email’s were suppose to save our time. It consumes so… Continue reading Unanticipated Consequence of Productivity tools !

Smile – There are so many reasons …

Interesting talk by Ron Gutman smile – A curve that straightens cranky things … (Speech is supported by strong research findings from range of publications, and worth watching . All the studies that he is referring are available here .).

East and West – Mythology explains business behavior

I watched this small video on TED , which draws parallels in eastern and western mythology with respective thinking and behavioral patterns. Video is really insightful and fascinating , a kind of must watch. It is inspiring to look at behavioral patterns from this perspective. It really tells us why the best practices invented in… Continue reading East and West – Mythology explains business behavior

Excellent Presentation – on Social Media

The subject is interesting and appealing ,but additionally the whole presentation is nicely prepared . A excellent case for making self-explanatory impressive presentations , What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later View more documents from Marta Kagan.

A case for Statistics !

As a student of science and then engineering , I studied calculus . I am sure that its true for majority of management students in India , many are from Engineering background. And for all of them Statistics is a shock . Still a bigger shock for non-quanta background students ( like humanities and arts… Continue reading A case for Statistics !

Future Success and Delayed Gratification

Here is interesting experiment ,( And funny too ) – which evaluates delayed gratification and links it with future success. I find it interesting . I wonder whether the traditional Indian wisdom of asking children to wait for everything has links with success ? More-over – it does mean that self-discipline is really important in… Continue reading Future Success and Delayed Gratification