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Tribute to Irrfan Khan!

 3 Minute Quick Read.

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Irrfan Khan passed away just at 53. (29 April 2020).
Tributes from all over the world are pouring, and rightly so.
He rocked not only Bollywood but also Hollywood flicks. 

A very few Indian actors to do so. 
His work is admired by likes of Tom Hanks too, calling him “The coolest guy in the room”.
His filmography shows a lot of films, television, and video games.
I distinctly remember watching him in “Kamla Ki Maut” in Pune’s Deccan theatre.
(Seems there is debate on whether his first film is Salaam Bombay or Kamla Ki Maut. Though I have watched both, I remember him only for Kamla Ki Maut.)
I searched YouTube and found his Salaam Bombay work too.
Those were engineering college days; the movie was either Matinee or Morning show. And low on ticket cost for student days. My friends mocked me after the movie for this choice. Movie had no dance sequence, fights, chase-scenes, or any other typical Bollywood Masala. But still, Irrfan khan made the place in my heart somewhere.
Afterward, I watched his lot of movies, Hindi mainstream, offbeat, and even English movies. As of today, out of his filmography, I have seen his 24 movies. In almost every movie his acting and role were outstanding. And I will continue watching his films.  
But the movie that deeply touched my heart and I will like to watch anytime again is “The Lunchbox”.
It is a subtle platonic love story, unfolding slowly through letters.
It has no sexual tones of any kind.
The duo never meets in the film – And protagonist Irrfan’s last letter concerning the heroine more than oneself, takes the movie to great heights. 

In my humble opinion, it is probably the greatest love story made in Indian CinemaNo wonder it is highly acclaimed and won a large number of accolades all over the world.
Here is a brief trailer of “The Lunchbox”

For a current Socially isolated & distressed times, It is perfect film to watch, and a tribute to great actor!  

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