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How to “Make Time” for your dream project?

We carry a dream in our hearts.

We cuddle that dream occasionally in the hustle-bustle of life. 

This dream may be an item on the bucket list, a trip to take, an article to publish, a book to write, or a venture to launch. 

But we don’t find time for it. It gets lost on the back burner. 

And it never reaches the front seat. 

How do we “Make Time” for our pet projects, bucket-list, articles, books, or ventures? 

Often answer boils down to better “productivity” or “time management.” 

Long back, I attended a myriad of time management sessions. 

And now, as a teacher and trainer, I teach/talk about time management right from MBA students to professionals and executives. 

“Productivity” and “Time management” are the sine qua non of every development workshop and intervention. And as a book-lover, I have read sizeable literature on it.


At one end, some experts may tell you to split the day into 15 min or 30 min intervals– a perfect epitome of micro or nano management. At another end of the spectrum, experts claims, time is unmanageable. Time is uncontrollable – instead, manage your energy. And in between two extreme ends, there are a lot of self-help books like 

But most of these books are written in the non-internet/non-mobile era. This era has made us “always connected” and hence “always distracted.” The issues are well discussed in few books like

Either you read all of these books and make sense of your problem in their prescription. 

Or Easiest is read “Make Time“- by Jake Knapp & John Zeratsky. 

(Image: Amazon)

“Make Time” – has a straightforward argument. However, it has not cited all these books (Few are). It certainly is mindful of ideas and tips from all of them. 

Book is perfect blend of ideas from various sources, served in perfect homogenous mix – undetectable and perfectly digestible. 

It boils down to them in a simple system that can easily apply to whatever your project is. The system has just four steps. 

  1. Decide dream project. Split it into steps, make a step for each day’s highlight. 
  2. Block time for day’s highlight. And ensure Laser-like focus during it. 
  3. Ensure your energy is high and maintained during that blocked time. 
  4. Reflect each day on what worked and what didn’t. 

That’s it. The book is full of tips and techniques (actually a total of 87 tips). 

That covers interesting tips like. 

  • Only two cup coffee is required in a day, with no coffee after 01:30 to 02:00 pm. 
  • Lunch plate – shall be half-filled with salads.
  • Walking is the best exercise, and anytime doable! 
  • And the myriad of tips for managing net distractions, smartphone addiction, and email disturbance. 

This system roughly looks like the one in below one-page summarized sketch. [One more such one page summary is here

I have started including the content in my sessions and workshops. Being repeatedly useful, I gave it Five Start (5 * ) on Goodreads.  

Book is easy to read, accessible, and worth your desk/library/collection.  

Paperback or hard-cover copy is highly suggested – it has an excellent design with simple sketches to explain the points. 

So go and grab a copy before you embark on your dream. 

(Schematic – One Page Summary of “Make Time”)

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