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Book-Club: No. 1 Awesome Way to Lead

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“Read, read, & read” is Warren Buffet’s fourth rule of success. 

In the same line, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Even Mark Zuckerberg are avid readers.

And they all are leaders in the industry they operate.  

Another leader, Indra Nooyi, wrote on Linkedin recently, “Favorite ways to connect with others is through books we read.”  According to her, it leads to “curious, challenging, and valuable” discussions.   

While reading sharpens the brain, emotional intelligence, and communication, it also deepens your capabilities.  Book-clubs strengthen, enrich, and intensify this habit. 

Let’s quickly see how it helps. 

Read Consistently

If you read consistently, you learn consistently. For example, even with 20 or 25 minutes per day, you can read 7 to 10 pages. (25 min. Is standard Pomodoro timer). The time you can easily squeeze on the commute, lunch-break, or evening tea. With these many pages, you can easily cover an average length book per month. Translating ten or more books per year! 

Consistent reading to expertise

If you read ten books on one subject, you are close to an expert on that subject. Ten topics are what any faculty covers in the 20 session course. Reading leads to expertise. You may have followed viral news of Nathan Thankus. He isn’t even a graduate. Through reading, he built command over economics to the extent that leading policymakers and economists followed him. The sizable number of people are paying to read his articles. He is collecting the fund for his degree. Though an extreme case, it still proves how consistent reading can help.  

Book-Clubs Supports consistency:  


I started an online book-club for toastmasters. (Toastmasters is a group for public speaking). That book-club aligned my unruly reading. A book of the month ensures a monthly goal. My and other club members’ reading is consistent. Goal-setting research supports such public goals. Besides, as Indra Nooyi pointed, WhatsApp messages are no more hollow emojis. They are rich, meaningful, and relevant. The group has been growing organically for four years now. 


Book-Club Supports Expertise


I have another book-club for writing. Writing is the soul of academics. Since it started on 1st June 2020, I have read three books, and we talked about dozens. As of this writing, within two months, I have listed close to 67 books. This club can quickly suggest a book for a specific aspect of writing. Everyone is confident about acquiring essential skills within a few months!




I am curious about HR and specifically about behaviors. I tried to draw an HR-OB book-list too. Not so good, but I took a firm step in that direction. I tracked the descent group of HR readers. But in vain. So I decided to form one—Book-club of HR professionals


Benefits for You of Book-Club

  1. Motivates you to read and maintain the habit. 

  2. Best-seller “Happiness Project,” Gretchen Ruben says, book-club builds positive habits. 

  3.  It extends your reading, tempted to attempt different varieties of books. 

  4. You will end up continuously expanding and updating reading wish-lists, like mine

  5. Learn in a cozy, safe, and friendly environment. 

  6. Your reading will be more in-depth, and a diverse perspective will boost emotional intelligence. 

  7. Learn to manage subtle dissent with nuanced communication skills.   

  8. Quickly find specific books often absent from popular outlets. 

  9. Lastly, read the Harvard article “Why Business People Should Join Book clubs?” 



So if you are an HR professional, love to read, and committed building competency in this area. Please join. Do fill in the form below. We are planning to start around 15th Aug. We will stop with limited registrations.Club will be a close-knit group of readers. Period. We will keep you posted! Thanks.  



FORM for HR BOOK CLUB                     


(Form will be closed Soon).


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