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About My Research Journey!


As a doctoral scholar at XLRI, one of India’s leading business schools (leading to degree FPM), I started my research journey. During the period, I worked full time and as a visiting faculty too. 

During my coursework, I explored “Workplace Spirituality” and “Organizational Culture.” Later stage worked on “Calling and Karma Yoga” during a seminar paper. First research work under the faculty guidance. 

In the thesis, I focused on “Calling and its interplay with work.” 

In the whole journey, I have become more curious about the “Calling” and “Karma” and how it shapes us (human beings)? And does it deliver the “self-transcendence” that it promises? And How?  On this broad canvas, more specific variables or concepts that I explored or getting curious are: 

1. Calling and Careers (specifically Career Change)

2. Future Work Self. 

3. Karma Yoga

4. Job Crafting

5. Leisure Crafting

6. Meaning 

7. Stress

8. Peak performance 

9. Self-actualization  

Within the subject matter of “Organizational Behavior,”  my interests are deepening and expanding more in the areas of “Positive Psychology” and “Indian Psychology”. 

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