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Stunning Presentations for book-review …

We often read books (Fiction or Non-Fiction) and stop there. 

But few of us create notes. 

A few more creates summaries too. 

If you want to add ultimate value to your social media presence or your personal brand, prepare a presentation about the Book. 

  • The presentation can be simply presenting summary. 
  • The presentation can be a book review, adding your judgment on the Book. 

Either way, it adds value. 

Moreover, reading, writing, and even summarizing is a cognitive activity. It puts IQ in top gear. 

But presentation or creating a graphical summary is an artistic activity. It goes beyond IQ. 

Just by the thought of it – creative juices start flowing. 

So how do we do it! 

Few pointers. 

  1. If you have taken notes or written a summary. It is super-easy. 
  2. Jot down main key points and critical ideas. 
  3. Present only key -ideas that you liked or appealed to you. 
  4. Or present those – you disagree with. 
  5. But in general, stick to fewer ideas; often three is best! 
  6. Create a flow for the presentation. 
    1. Catchy Start 
    2. Point-1
    3. Point-2
    4. Point-3
    5. Smooth End. Often connecting back to Start. 
  7. Add stunning graphics. 
  8. Use appealing Fonts. 
  9. Your presentation will come alive. 

For example – Look at below 131 slide presentation of John Medina’s “Brain Rules.” 

[Book is a part of my 39 books for People Skills]  

Note all those points mentioned above. 

1. Give special attention to how each slide is designed. 

2. Color combination used. 

3. Placement of Text and Images. 

4. Note how minimal text is used so that the book summary stands out on its own. 

5. Note the flow, start and end of presentation. 

[By the way, Garr Reynold – who has written books on presentations, prepared it. You may want to visit his site for more tips]

And note – how “limited text” is used!    

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