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HRD Missionary – A quick review.


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I just read this small book. 

It’s by T V Rao Sir, the father of Indian HRD. 

It is small volume with 100+ pages and a quick read. 

Highly advisable to anyone who wish to understand the HRD movement in India. 

As a reader and enthusiastic OB/HR learner, I do have couple of suggestions (May be for third edition). 

1. In a chapter on “TRAPS and TEMPTATIONS” of HRD manager. I think small Case lets or examples on each of trap and temptation will help. Otherwise narration is abstract for a novice like me. 

2. Book gives a list of lot of HRD related books. However, what may help for a novice like me is the self-study program. Recently I came across one on AI (Artificial Intelligence) for managers. Such program may be formed out of essential books/articles/online videos/case-studies etc. 

 Example program listed books (limited), approximate time taken, and what one shall learn from the book. 

One can list online or offline programs available for HRD learner. 

Now a days many programs are free or at affordable cost on  youtube or on respective college’s websites. (MIT lists all its programs free online/Coursera/Edx has host of such programs)

Finally a kind of projects those are done under HRD. Their SOW (Statement of work), timelines, objectives etc. At least few such projects will help learners to design their own projects. 

This self-study program can be a blogpost/LinkedIn post or a YouTube Video also. 

Once this is ready.  Those who want to learn can learn on their own. They can form study groups and learn. Or courses on it may be floated and those who can afford can take them. Basically such post/chapter will make HRD learning go Viral. 

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions – Do post ?  

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