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Sprint – A quick book review.


Sprint means to leap, “run a short distance with a full speed.”  

That’s what the book is. 

A quick read. 

It is a step-by-step process that one can complete in just flat five days. 

At the end of 5 days, one can have a product or service prototype and customer feedback. 

You can use the process to solve business problems. 

  • Marketing campaign. 
  • Identifying product or service offerings. 
  • Designing/Changing the website or mobile app. etc. 

It is written for facilitators. Those who facilitate OD interventions, team activities, strategy, marketing, innovation interventions can use the process. Others may find the book helpful, but you may find it pretty mundane if you don’t have a background in this. 

Book is suitable for facilitators, mentors/coaches for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs themselves, product managers, designers, etc. People involved in the designing, strategy, or product and service offerings. 

Think of the book as equivalent to “Design Thinking” put on steroids

The authors have compressed an entire process of design thinking in just five days. 

You don’t need a summary of the book. Book itself gives you an excellent five-day overview at the end. 

I read it after “Make Time” – by the same authors. And this was highly recommended in “Make Time.”  

But I sincerely feel this is not the book to read. 

It is to “practice” to “try” to “attempt.” 

So if 5 to 7 people read it together and try out some problem solving, they probably can appreciate the book more. That’s what I feel. 

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