Words are important .

Extrememe presentation’s Dr. Andrew Abela posted a interesting video from youtube. It emphasizes again on how words are more important . Original post is here. This specially applies to the situations of business presentations, as Prof. Mehrabian’s formula ( 7% words ,38% tone of voice and 55% body language ) is not applicable to these… Continue reading Words are important .

Winning JMEC !

And ultimately we won JMEC ! Winning always has a good feeling, especially when you are through a tough competition. Ecstatic mood of whole team is well captured in this photo. No wonder about it. Team was struggling through sleepless nights through research, and totally uncertain about where they stand with respective to other teams… Continue reading Winning JMEC !

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Presenting Business Plan

As far as JMEC ( Japan Market Expansion Competition ) goes ,though team has prepared the BEST business plan , still they are far away from winning. Team still need to present it to Judges ,face the critic and satisfy their doubts. This post looks at the Presentation aspect. JMEC arranges a excellent workshop on… Continue reading Presenting Business Plan