Bankruptcy and Employee Benefits

There was unimaginable fall-out in financial markets recently . Japan too was not different.Bear sterns, J.P. Morgan ,Merry Lynch , Citi-group and biggest of all Lehman !. Example of Lehman was very classic ,while employees were down with week-end hang-over they woke up with the bankruptcy news. Initially there was a ambiguity about whats gonna… Continue reading Bankruptcy and Employee Benefits

Salary and Confidentiality

As long as there is some-one in your friend-circle earning more than you , you are bound to be unhappy. Firm don’t want you to be unhappy and hence forbid you to discuss about compensation. Humor apart , but back in India I found that this is common topic around water-cooler among friends. I was… Continue reading Salary and Confidentiality

Unavoidable Lay offs & Coping with them.

Indian Blogs are buzzed with different views about Jet-layoff . Responses varies from Corporate social responsibility of jet to unavoidable nature of lay-offs . Though the different views are genuine and true in its nature , the fact remains that Lay offs are reality of our times. ( Air-India’s so called unpaid leave is essentially… Continue reading Unavoidable Lay offs & Coping with them.